Kids Join War on Lake Erie’s Toxic Algae Blooms

Children in Costa Rica are now taking up the cause against the toxic algae blooms that have invaded Lake Erie.  The algae blooms have not reached this level of growth and toxicity since 1969, when the Cuyahoga River caught fire it was so polluted.  Blame is now being put on farm and agricultural runoff, milder winters, heavy rains that overflow sewers and hot summers.  The fishing, tourism and marine industry revolving around Lake Erie in the billions.  Everyone must join forces to Save lake Erie!

The mission to Save Lake Erie is under way now with the current focus on eliminating toxic algae blooms and non native zebra mussels.  Most recently there has been great concern regarding “fracking”, a method for extracting oil and natural gas.  Fracking involves pumping toxic chemicals into the ground as a method of extracting valuable oil and natural gas.  There is concern that the toxic chemicals pumped into the ground from fracking eventually leaches into the groundwater supply.

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