Dr. Guntheer Schteeck from Lake Erie Hospital in Cleveland

Dr. Guntheer Schteeck from Lake Erie Hospital operates on a patient who became violently ill after swimming near toxic algae blooms in Lake Erie. Recently Lake Erie has been suffering from one of the worst algae blooms in decades. Scientists believe the Detroit Wastewater Treatment Plant shoulders much of the blame regarding the cause of increased levels of dissolved phosphorous that are fueling the toxic algae blooms. The Detroit Wastewater Treatment Plant is the single largest wastewater treatment plant in the US.  Learn how you can help save Lake Erie.

Cleveland Professor & Scientist on Lake Erie Algae Blooms

Here is a professor from Cleveland talking about the toxic algae blooms and zebra mussels that have become a serious threat to the current and future health of Lake Erie.  Go to SaveLakeErie.com for more information how you can help save Lake Erie from death by toxic algae blooms and zebra mussels.

Plea from Barry in Greece to Save Lake Erie

A heartfelt plea from Barry in Greece for SaveLakeErie.com in response to the battle to Save Lake Erie from algae blooms, zebra mussels and Asian carp. Recent NASA reports have confirmed these algae blooms currently plaguing Lake Erie are the worst in decades. Differences in present day agricultural techniques result in more nutrients (dissolved phosphorous) leaching into Lake Erie and Great Lakes watersheds, which not feed the algae bloom. Barry is located halfway around the world and even with the Euro crisis and economy in Greece crumbling, he is dedicated to helping Save Lake Erie. If current conditions do not improve, Lake Erie will die by the hands of toxic algae blooms, Asian carp and zebra mussels. Go to SaveLakeErie.com to learn more!

Man in India on War to Save Lake Erie

Support to Save Lake Erie is pouring in from around the world!

Below is a testimonial for the Save Lake Erie movement at from a passionate man in India who is upset about the toxic algae blooms in Lake Erie.  What could be one of the worst and most preventable environmental disasters in history is unfolding at this very moment.  The bright green algae blooms covering the Western basin are visible from space as recent NASA reports have confirmed.  Dissolved phosphorous has reached dangerously high levels in Lake Erie even worse than decades ago when wanton pollution was rampant. People around the world are voicing their support to clean Lake Erie and to ensure its safety and health for future generations.  Lake Erie is responsible for a combined $10 billion regional tourism and fishing economy.

Take a moment and learn what you can do to help Save Lake Erie.

Kids Join War on Lake Erie’s Toxic Algae Blooms

Children in Costa Rica are now taking up the cause against the toxic algae blooms that have invaded Lake Erie.  The algae blooms have not reached this level of growth and toxicity since 1969, when the Cuyahoga River caught fire it was so polluted.  Blame is now being put on farm and agricultural runoff, milder winters, heavy rains that overflow sewers and hot summers.  The fishing, tourism and marine industry revolving around Lake Erie in the billions.  Everyone must join forces to Save lake Erie!

The mission to Save Lake Erie is under way now with the current focus on eliminating toxic algae blooms and non native zebra mussels.  Most recently there has been great concern regarding “fracking”, a method for extracting oil and natural gas.  Fracking involves pumping toxic chemicals into the ground as a method of extracting valuable oil and natural gas.  There is concern that the toxic chemicals pumped into the ground from fracking eventually leaches into the groundwater supply.