Gus from Australia concerned for Lake Erie’s Health

Gus from Australia talks about fond memories of visiting Lake Erie with his family and concern he has about toxic algae blooms threatening the lake’s health.  The toxic algae blooms are the worst seen in almost 50 years.  Gus had a blast visiting Cleveland, Put-in-Bay, Sandusky and Cedar Point during his family trip in North America.  To ensure that future generations are able to enjoy all Lake Erie has to offer, its critical that people take action now.  There are many things people can do at home to make a difference and help make sure Lake Erie does not die.  Learn how you can help save Lake Erie.

Skydiving in Downtown Cleveland for Save Lake Erie

Hey, Cleveland! needs your help! Did you know Lake Erie is being attacked by toxic algae blooms? It hasn’t been this bad since 1969, the same year the Cuyahoga River was so polluted it literally caught fire! Fast forward 40 years to now and toxic algae is again sucking oxygen out of the water, threatening Lake Erie’s $10 billion tourism industry unless we act quick! If you love perch, walleye and Put-in-Bay like I do, go to right now to learn how YOU can help.