What You Can Do

YOU can help Save Lake Erie!

YOU can help Save Lake Erie!

10 Things YOU Can Do To Help Save Lake Erie

1. Do not farm or mow within 25 feet of any stream and 100 feet of any river. Let these areas grow natural. This would solve 80% of the problem.

2. Let gutters at home flow into the yard and not tie them into the storm sewer.

3. Use natural fertilizers and self mulching mowers instead of Chemlawn or other artificial fertilizers.

4. Install rain barrels, rain gardens, and bio-swales into landscape features on your property.

5. Encourage local community leaders to adopt riparian, floodplain, and wetland setback ordinances in your communities.

6. Have your entire family read Omnivore’s Dilemma, In Defense of Food then watch the documentaries King Corn and Food, Inc.

7. Support your local land trust.

8. Plant trees within 25′ of all streams and ponds to promote shade and discourage algae and bacteria growth.

9. Plant only native species in landscaping and gardens.

10. Do not let cows and other livestock cross streams and waterways.